How to Book CEMAP Exam

How to Book your CEMAP Exam.

So you’ve been revising and practising the mock exams in preparation for the real one. Now you’re ready to take the first step towards becoming a qualified mortgage advisor and gain your CeMAP qualifications. But the question is, how do you book the real Exam? This is a common question that we receive, and it’s a good question as the exam booking process can be confusing.

In this article, we’ll go through the exact steps to book your Exam. The exam booking process in this article applies to all of the CeMAP Module exams as it’s the same process.






The first step is to Register with The London Institute of Banking & Finance

The awarding body for the CeMAP Qualification is The London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF). To book the Exam the candidate will need to first register with the LIBF. The registration process is simple, and at the time of registration, you will need to choose which Module you would like to start with.

The registration page will give you the option to choose CeMAP Module 1, 2 or 3 individually or you could choose all CeMAP Modules together. Please note that the exam fee for each Module is currently £185, which is paid at the time of registration to The London Institute of Banking & Finance.

Once you have registered, you have 12 months to book the Exam. In order to be a fully qualified CeMAP Mortgage Advisor you will need to take and pass all 3 exams but we would recommend to pay for 1 exam at a time as there is no discount if you purchase all 3 together. This way you will have 12 months to book and complete the first Exam if you complete it within three months then you can register and pay for the second Exam which means you will have an additional 12 months to book and complete the second Exam. If you choose all three together, then you will have a time limit of 12 months to finish all three exams.

To Register with The London Institute of Banking and Finance, please use the following link:


When registering, please ensure that the name entered is the same as the way it is on your ID and ensure that the email address is up to date.

How do I book a Pearson Vue Exam?

Once you have registered with the London Institute of Banking & Finance, you will then have the option to book your CeMAP Exam directly with Pearson VUE.

The first step is registering with Pearson VUE, this is a quick and easy process, and you will need your LIBF ID to hand. Once you have registered, you will need to click on your Pre-Approved Exam, which will be the Exam that was chosen in the previous step. Then you will need to choose your preferred location from the list of test centres and select a date and time for the Exam.

Please check that all details are correct and up to date including your email address then click Submit. Once this is done, you will receive an email confirmation with the exam details and the location of the Exam.

Please Note – If you have NOT received an email confirmation within one hour or if any of the information on the email is incorrect, please call Pearson VUE as soon as possible.

Pearson VUE Registration Link:


Select “Login” and then “Create a web account” or you can use this link for the direct registration page:


Please ensure your email address is up to date and also use the same email address that was used to register with LIBF.

Good Luck!

That’s it! The CeMAP exam booking process isn’t difficult, but it can be confusing. The details above will help you to book the Exam, but it’s important to be fully prepared too. As each Exam costs £185, you must have the resources needed to pass successfully. uAcademy provides a wide range of CeMAP Courses, including a Full CEMAP Course that will prepare you for your exam or if you prefer we also have practice Mock Exams that are very similar to the real Exam. The CeMAP Mock Exams can be purchased separately at a very affordable rate. Further details of our courses can be found here.


How much does the CEMAP Exam Cost?

The Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) is a level 3 qualification, and three tests must be passed to be a qualified mortgage advisor. The CeMAP Exam prices are listed below.

CeMAP Module 1 – £185

CeMAP Module 2 – £185

CeMAP Module 3 – £185

Each module test is priced at £185, and this fee is paid directly to LIBF.

Where can I take the CeMAP Exam?

The CeMAP Exam must be taken at an external test centre. The London Institute of Banking & Finance has chosen to hold all exams at the Pearson VUE test centres. The Pearson Vue Centre is the same test centre that the UK driving theory test is held at and there are over 100 Pearson VUE test centres across the UK so you should find one that is local

Important Notes:

There are some requirements of the Exam Centre which will need to be followed.

  1. Arrive 15 minutes early – It’s important to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled exam to complete the sign-in procedures. If you arrive late, then you may be refused admission, and you may need to pay a re-sit fee.
  2. No Personal Items – You will not be allowed to take any personal items into the exam room. The examination centre will have a storage area, and you will need to store all personal items in the storage area. This includes bags, books, mobile phones, laptops, watches, wallets, pagers, books and notes. If you need to take additional items into the room for a medical reason, please contact the training centre for advice.
  3. ID Requirements – You must produce one of the following forms of government-issued Identification:
  • Passport, Full or Provisional Driving License, Military ID, Registration card (green card, permanent resident, visa)
  • Requirements for ID – The ID document must meet the following criteria
  • The ID must be in the student’s name, the first and last name of the student’s LIBF account MUST match exactly with the first and last name of the ID presented at the exam centre.
  • The ID must be valid/current and not expired.
  • The ID must have the students signature (Except as detailed in additional allowances below)
  • The ID must bear a recent recognisable photograph of the student.
  • The ID must be original and not a copy or a digital ID
  • Additional Allowances
  • Expired ID is not acceptable unless it is accompanied by valid renewal papers.
  • EU candidates taking their Exam within the EU may also provide a valid, unexpired EU card as their primary ID.

If you do not take suitable Identification with you to the examination centre, or you are late for your appointment, you will not be allowed to sit your assessment and will forfeit your fee.

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