Our Journey

We created uAcademy to help people gain new qualifications and skills at an affordable price. For over 5 years we’ve helped students gain their Mortgage Adviser CEMAP Qualification. We pride ourselves on our clear & structured online learning content which has helped thousands of students gain their qualification.


How we Started

uAcademy has helped thousands of students gain their CEMAP Qualification. We’ve helped students of all ages, backgrounds and skills in the last 5 years. We offer the most interactive, in depth & affordable CEMAP Course online.

As independent Mortgage Advisers we noticed that over the last 8 years there has been a significant shift in the housing market and eventually we struggled to keep up with demand. We received several requests from clients asking for information on how to become a mortgage adviser with clients asking for recommendations for institutions to use. Having seen the high costs involved we decided to offer classroom based seminars to help our clients but again we couldn’t keep with the demand for this. Eventually we decided to team up with a industry leading software company and created uAcademy. The goal was to help students from all over the country achieve their CEMAP Qualification by providing an interactive, easy to follow course at an affordable price for all. We sincerely believe we have the best content and we are the most competive in our price. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime. We’re always here to help.

Our Courses

We offer one of the Most intuitive online course delivery for CeMAP training, with our training you are assured to be qualified Mortgage Advisor.
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