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How  we  started

uacademy has helped over 2000 students!

We weren’t always teachers! We started as Independent Mortgage Advisors, but we decided to shake things up… We offered our services for FREE!
Although this is quite common with several online services, when we started, no other advisors were doing this. The reason for this is that all Independent Mortgage Advisors receive a hefty commission from the banks, but they were still charging the clients. We believe this is unfair and greedy. Eventually, we couldn’t keep up with the demand and noticed that many of our customers were querying how to become an advisor and the best course provider.. and it started from there.

To help our clients on their new career path, we researched the course providers… and we were shocked! The prices that these online schools/training academy’s charged were crazy!
We saw CeMAP Module 1 courses being sold for over £800 ! and full courses were easily over £1,000. Although prices have dropped (it might be down to us!), they are still very expensive, and currently the average prices for a full course are still above £600!

We decided to create our own course and we truly believe it is the best on the market! Not only that but we’re committed to being the cheapest guaranteed!

Our  vision

courses for everyone

We created uAcademy for everyone with any budget. We firmly believe in providing an affordable course and we’ve worked hard to ensure our course is the best on the market. Unlike other websites we’ve invested in the best software for the delivery of the course, we’ve hired in-house designers for infographics to make our course visually appealing and easy to follow.

All this at the lowest price online!



What Students are Saying

2000+ Satisfied Customers

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“After searching online for a Cemap mortgage advisor course, I discovered uacademy.co.uk. The issue I had with other companies was that there was no clear path but uacademy provided a structured learning method.

The mortgage advisor course was broken down into modules and had mock tests after each module. When I was ready for the test I was provided with clear instructions on how to book the test & the details of the training centres. I did have a slight issue at the start as I couldn’t view the cemap course but the service was outstanding, I e-mailed the support team around 10pm and I got a reply within 2 hours, it was all sorted.

The service is truly amazing. I would highly recommend uAcademy if you’re looking to gain your cemap qualification.”

Mortgage Advisor, Nationwide

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“I was previously working in a call centre for a company in the Midlands, after a few of my colleagues decided to pursue a career as a mortgage adviser, I decided that it was also time for a change. My colleagues enrolled in mortgage advisor courses that cost over £500, and from their feedback the websites & courses were horrendously difficult.

I decided to try uAcademy as it was less than half the price and I cannot praise the company enough. The mortgage advisor course was fantastic and the structure is great. The website is excellent and I didn’t have any issues at all. I showed the course content to my friends and they were shocked at how good it was.

Trust me if your thinking about spending hundreds of pounds with other providers then please don’t! Use uacademy for your cemap qualification. There’s actually no reason to pay more on other websites as the cemap course on uacademy is very very good!”

Independent Mortgage Advisor, Self Employed

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“I was recommended to this site by my brother in law who had used uAcademy for his cemap qualification. I was unsure at the start as the price for the course was much cheaper than the other websites, I thought the course wouldn’t be as good but I decided to try it. I was delighted with the mortgage advisor course and the service received.

The course is straightforward to follow and informative. The best thing about this company is that they offer practice tests and there’s not just 1 test but a few of them for each unit so it’s not a case of just remembering the answers.

I would seriously recommend them to anyone who’s thinking about gaining their cemap qualification.”

Independent Mortgage Advisor, Connells

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“I initially started off buying some CEMAP eBooks online and immediately I realised that they were very old and badly formatted. The biggest problem, however, was that the information was all outdated and all pre-2018 specification.

I then found this site and decided to try it. I asked a few questions before buying to ensure the spec was up to date and I received swift replies with a friendly service.

I then decided to buy it and I can honestly say the information is excellent and I can’t fault it at all. I did have one problem where I couldn’t see the course after buying it but a quick e-mail sorted that out within no time. The course is excellent, but the service is even better.”

Independent Mortgage Advisor, Self Employed

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“I had been searching online for a cemap training provider and I found uacademy. The very competitive pricing made me choose this company, and I am delighted that I did.

The cemap training content is excellent and it’s easy to follow. There were parts where I was unsure about specific regulations and I contacted the support team and Alan was very helpful and guided me through processes and provided me with links for further reading.

I am very impressed with the service, and I would highly recommend uacademy for their cemap training course. The customer service is also outstanding!

Independent Mortgage Advisor, Self Employed