How to Become a Mortgage Advisor

How to Become a Mortgage Advisor in 6 Simple Steps.

Stuck in a job that you don’t like? Are you working long hours with little reward? Well, a career change could be the answer. There are thousands of different options when you’re looking for a new career, but have you considered becoming a mortgage advisor? This is an extremely rewarding career and it’s a role where you would be making a difference in peoples’ lives. So, what does it take to be a mortgage adviser? Well it’s not too difficult and you don’t need any previous qualifications to get started.

We’ve listed the exact steps required to be a mortgage advisor in the UK in 6 Simple Steps.



Start Studying

Revise for Exams

Take Exams

Develop your skills

Apply for Jobs


Research the job so that you’re sure it’s right for you. Mortgage Advisors are skilled and key experts, who have industry-leading qualifications. It’s important you research the daily activities of this role to ensure that this is the career for you. You will be dealing with a lot of clients from all walks of life, either on the phone or face to face. You’ll need to be confident in the advise you are providing and have a good understanding of computers. Mortgage Advisers also deal with lenders (banks) and solicitors. Since you will be dealing with financial products, you will be FCA regulated and it’s essential to be organised.


Choose the Way You Would Like to Study

To be a mortgage adviser you will need a CEMAP Qualification (Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice). The CEMAP Qualification is broken down into three sections, CEMAP 1, CEMAP 2 and CEMAP 3 and you will need to pass an exam for each section to be fully qualified. To successfully complete the qualification, you will need to decide on how you would like to prepare for the exam. There are two options: Classroom or Home study, with the Home option being the most popular.

Classroom-based courses can be very expensive and the courses can last several weeks, but most people choose the Home Learning option as this is the most cost effective and you have the option to learn in your own time. Choosing the best training provider is a difficult choice, but we would highly recommend our digital CEMAP Course, as it was created by qualified advisors and our digital learning platform is industry-leading, so you will receive instant access to our training CEMAP Course. uAcademy provides the most affordable CEMAP Courses on the internet. We will never be beaten on price! We also provide interactive practice mock exams to test yourself before taking the real exam. Further details of our CEMAP Course can be found here

Revise for the Exams

Once you’ve received access to your Course materials, the next stage is to revise for the exams. It’s important to take the exams in order, as CEMAP Module 1 will teach the foundation of the role and the financial industry, then in CEMAP 2 you will learn about providing mortgage advice and regulations. Finally, in CEMAP Module 3, you will need to put your knowledge to the test with scenario-based questions. Due to the way the course is set, it’s essential to start with CEMAP 1, once you’ve passed the exam for CEMAP 1, then move on to CEMAP 2 and so forth.


Taking the Exams

The CEMAP exams are taken at the Pearson VUE Centres. This is the same test centre that is used for the Driving Theory test exams. Once you feel confident that your ready for the exam, then the next stage is to book it. The exam will need to be booked online and there is an additional fee for this.

Develop Your Skills

Once you’ve passed your exams and you’ve got your qualification, it’s important to develop your skills. As discussed previously, you will be dealing with various people on a daily basis, so it’s important to develop your communication and organisational skills.

Apply for a Job or Setup Your Own Company

The final stage is to start applying for jobs or setup your own company. As a qualified mortgage adviser, there is an endless opportunity of jobs and you can work for high street banks, building societies, estate agents, specialist mortgage providers, and also certain online mortgage advise companies. Local estate agents and banks are a great way to start your career as this type of advisor.

If you prefer to work for yourself then you can either work from home or setup an office and start your journey having a mortgage advisor job.

That’s it, just 6 simple steps to become a mortgage advisor in the UK. It may sound daunting, but please don’t be deterred. If your ready to start then please take a few minutes so you can check our CEMAP Courses.

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