For over 8 years we’ve helped students gain their Mortgage Advisor CEMAP Qualification. We pride ourselves on our clear & structured online content which has been developed in house. Over the years we’ve helped thousands of students gain their CEMAP Qualification. We also offer CEMAP Mock Exams and a Property Development Course.

uAcademy Courses

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CEMAP Course – Module 1

CEMAP Module 1 is the first stage for the Mortgage Advisor Course. The first module has been carefully prepared with diagrams and infographics so that it’s easy to follow and understand.

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CEMAP Course – Modules 2 & 3

Continue your studies to your CEMAP Qualification by learning about mortgage specific products and how to practically implement your knowledge. CEMAP Modules 2 & 3 are the final stage of the Mortgage Advisor Course.

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Full CEMAP Course

This is the full CEMAP course which will provide access to all of the Units 1 – 7, all CEMAP Mock exams and as a bonus we will provide the Property Development Course free! This is at a heavily discounted price for your CEMAP Qualification.

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Free Trial

Register for a free account and you will have access to 1 Lesson from each unit. This is a great way to view the content if you’re unsure CEMAP is for you.  You don’t need to make any payments and you can upgrade anytime to Premium Courses by paying the subscription amount.

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CEMAP – Mock Exams Only.

This package will give you access to the CEMAP 1 , 2 and 3 Mock Exams. Practice with the latest 2019 interactive mock exams. The test results are displayed instantly. This course will give access to 8 Exams in total.

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Property Development Course

This is a brand new course for anyone interested in property development. The course will teach the fundamentals of starting out in property development and the more advanced strategies including financing.