CEMAP Mock Exams

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CEMAP Mock Exams

The CEMAP Mock Exams course will provide access to the new updated 2019 mock exam papers created in house by uAcademy. This is ideal for anyone who has been studying the course and wants to practice before taking the real CEMAP exam. This course does not provide access to the full CEMAP Course, only the mock exams.

If you haven’t been studying the CEMAP Course then we would highly recommend purchasing the full CEMAP Course. The full course will provide access to the entire course along with the CEMAP mock exams.

Purchasing the Full Course is the most cost effective way to study towards your qualification and it’s heavily discounted compared to buying the courses individually. The full course also provides access to our Property Development Course free.

CEMAP Full Course

Practice before the CEMAP Exam

The CEMAP Exam is a very difficult exam and we would highly recommend practising before booking the CEMAP Exam. The mock exams will provide an insight into the test and the types of questions asked.

We work extremely hard to replicate the questions that are part of the real CEMAP Exam. The questions are based on the new 2020 specification and the differ only slightly to the real questions asked.

The CEMAP Mock exams are extremely useful and we would encourage everyone to go through them before taking the real exam.

Please be aware if you have purchased our full course then DO NOT PURCHASE this as the Mocks are included in the full course.


Flexibility to work for estate agents, banks, private companies as well as work from home.


Potential earnings can easily exceed £50,000 per annum along with very generous commission rates.

Job Oppertunities

In the current property market there is a huge shortfall of mortgage advisers which has created a huge demand. This is a great opportunity to start a new career.

Cost Effective

uAcademy provides one the most cost effective ways to obtain your CEMAP Qualification.

Study Method

CEMAP Mock Exams are distant learning courses. Students are provided with online access to practice at home, at work or on the go. 

Course Access

Students have access to the CEMAP Mock Exams for 12 months. As access is given to the exams for CEMAP 1, 2 and 3, this is enough time to practice for the real exams.


Course Content

The CEMAP Mock exam course provides access to the following exams. 

3 Exams for CEMAP 1

3 Exams for CEMAP 2

2 Exams for CEMAP 3

CEMAP Mock Exam Content

CEMAP 1 – Mock Exams

  • CEMAP 1 – Mock Exam Paper A
  • CEMAP 1 – Mock Exam Paper B
  • CEMAP 1 – Mock Exam Paper C

    All Exams are the updated 2020 Specification

CEMAP 2 – Mock Exams

  • CEMAP 2 – Mock Exam Paper A 
  • CEMAP 2 – Mock Exam Paper B
  • CEMAP 2 – Mock Exam Paper C

    All Exams are the updated 2020 Specification

CEMAP 3 – Mock Exams

  • CEMAP 3 – Mock Exam Paper A
  • CEMAP 3 – Mock Exam Paper B

    All Exams are the updated 2020 Specification

Assessment & Qualification

Assessment Exam

The price is strictly for the mock exams and does not include the real exam fee. The price does not include the exam fee. 

After practising the mock exams you will need to book the actual exam. The examinations are conducted at the Pearson Vue Centres (This is the same test centre for driving theory tests). The Pearson Vue Centres are located throughout the United Kingdom. The examinations are computer based and you will receive your results immediately after completing the exam.

The examination for Module 2 has 25 multiple choice questions for each unit – (100 Multiple choice questions in total). The examination for CEMAP Module 3 has 6 case studies with 10 linked multiple choice questions.


The Certificate In Mortgage Advice and Practice (CEMAP) is a Level 3 certificate. The certificate is recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is awarded by the London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF). The CEMAP Qualification is accredited by Ofqual. 

If you would like to be a fully qualified CEMAP Mortgage Adviser then you will need to complete Module 1, Modules 2, Module 3 and pass the exams for all 3 modules.

Grading for each exam:


0% – 69%


70% – 79%


80% – 89%


90% – 100%

CEMAP Mock Exams