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CeMAP Course Details

uAcademy has helped thousands of students gain their CEMAP Qualification. We’ve helped students of all ages, backgrounds and skills in the last 4 years. We offer the most interactive, in depth & affordable CEMAP Course online.

CEMAP Course – Full Mortgage Advisor Qualification  – Includes Modules 1, 2 & 3

The full CEMAP Course contains CEMAP Module 1, CEMAP Module 2 and CEMAP Module 3. The course also has the latest 2019 Specification Mock Exams. 

This is the only course you will need to purchase to complete your CEMAP Qualification. Please note that after each Module you complete you will need to pass an exam which is booked externally. This exam fee is not included in the course price.

Why the full CEMAP Course is the best option.

The full CEMAP Course is the most cost effective way for studying for your CEMAP Qualification. By purchasing all modules as a package we can offer a huge discount. 

As a thank you, We’ll also provide the Property Development Course worth £99.00 for FREE. You will receive immediate access to this once you’ve signed up.

If you prefer not to purchase the full course and instead purchase the modules individually then we recommend to start with CEMAP Module 1.



Flexibility to work for estate agents, banks, private companies or work from home.


Potential earnings can easily exceed £50,000 per annum along with very generous commission rates.

Job Oppertunities

currently in the property market there is a huge shortfall of mortgage advisors which has created a huge demand. This is a great opportunity to start a new career.

Cost Effective

uAcademy provides one the most cost effective ways to study for your CEMAP Qualification.

Study Method

The Full CEMAP Course is a distance learning course. Students are provided with online study materials to learn at home, work or on the go. The recommended time to complete the full course is 230 study hours. 

Course Access

Students have access to the Full CEMAP Course for 12 months. As the recommended study time is 230 hours this should be more than enough time to learn the course contents.


Course Content

The Full Course contains 7 Units in total. Each Unit has it’s own lessons within it and at the end of each unit there will be a CEMAP mock test exam to test your knowledge.

CEMAP Course – Module 1 Content

Unit 1 – Introduction to Financial Services Environments & Products

  • The UK Financial Services Industry
  • Financial Assets
  • Financial Products
  • Financial Planning & Advise
  • Legal Concepts Relevant to Financial Services

End of Unit Test

Unit 2 – UK Financial Services & Regulation

  • Financial Services Authority (FSA)
  • Money Laundering
  • Complaints and Compensation
  • Data Protection
  • Laws & Regulations Relevant to Advising Clients.

End of Unit Test

Module 1 – Mock Exams

  • Module 1 Mock Exam – Paper A
  • Module 1 Mock Exam – Paper B
  • Module 1 Mock Exam – Paper C

All Mock Exams are the new 2020 Spec Papers.



CEMAP Course – Module 2 Content

Unit 3 – Mortgage Law, Policy & Markets

  • Mortgage Conduct of Business Rules – (MCOB)
  • Markets & Borrowers
  • Mortgage Regulation & Laws
  • House buying process
  • Economic & Regulatory context for giving mortgage advise

    of Unit Test

Unit 4 – Mortgage Applications

  • The role of a Mortgage Adviser
  • Outgoings & Guarantor Mortgages
  • Affordability
  • Planning permission & Building regulations.

    End of Unit Test

Unit 5 – Mortgage Payment Methods & Products.

  • Repayment Options
  • Mortgage Features & Interest Rate Options
  • Life Assurance & Insurance Policies

End of Unit Test

Unit 6 – Mortgage Arrears & Post Completion

  • Mortgage Post Completion
  • Mortgage Arrears & Reposessions.

 End of Unit Test

Module 2 – Mock Exams

  • Module 2 Mock Exam – Paper A
  • Module 2 Mock Exam – Paper B
  • Module 2 Mock Exam – Paper C

All Mock Exams are the new 2020 Spec Papers.



CEMAP Course – Module 3 Content

Unit 7 – Assessment of Mortgage Advise & Knowledge

  • Assessment of Mortgage & Knowledge
  • Applying suitable Mortgage Solutions to Specific Consumer Circumstances


Module 3 – Mock Exams

  • Module 3 Mock Exam – Paper A
  • Module 3 Mock Exam – Paper B

    All Mock Exams are the new 2020 Spec Papers.



Property Development Course Content

Unit 1 – The Basics

  • Introduction to Property Investment
  • The Basics
  • Setting Goals
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Financial Awareness
  • Time Required
  • Administration

Unit 2 – Understanding the Aspects of Property Development

  • The Types of Property’s.
  • Freehold / Leasehold
  • Understanding Finance
  • Understand the Processes

Unit 3 – The Options

  • Buy to let
  • Renovation
  • Commercial Property
  • HMO’s
  • Cash Flow
  • Warning Signs

Unit 4 – The Strategy

  • Credit Ratings
  • Further Financing
  • Purchasing
  • Negotiation
  • Contingency Plans

Unit 5 – Investing

  • Strategy
  • Finding Properties
  • Distance Buying
  • Getting Help
  • Checklist

Grading for each unit:


0% – 69%


70% – 79%


80% – 89%


90% – 100%

Assessment & Qualification

Assessment Exam

The prices of the courses are strictly for the course content and mock exams. The price does not include the exam fee. 

After studying the online course content and practising with the mock exams you can book the real exam. The examinations are conducted at the Pearson Vue Centres (This is the same test centre for driving theory tests). The Pearson Vue Centres are located throughout the United Kingdom. The examinations are computer based and you will receive your results immediately after completing the exam.

The examination for CEMAP 1 has 50 multiple choice questions for each Unit (100 in total).  Module 2 has 25 multiple choice questions for each unit – (100 Multiple choice questions in total). The examination CEMAP Module 3 has 6 case studies with 10 linked multiple choice questions.

CEMAP Qualification

The Certificate In Mortgage Advice and Practice (CEMAP) is a Level 3 certificate. The certificate is recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is awarded by the London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF). The CEMAP Qualification is accredited by Ofqual. 

To obtain the Full CEMAP Qualification you must complete Module 1, Modules 2, Module 3 and pass the exams for all 3 modules.

Full CEMAP Course