How Covid-19 is Affecting Jobs

The Numbers

In April the Social and Economic Research led by the University of Essex predicted that 6.5 million jobs would be lost due to the lockdown. The most affected jobs are predicted to be in the housing market and the food services sector. The research suggests that 75% of employment in these sectors may be lost during the fallout of the crisis.


uAcademy provides CeMAP Courses. We launched during the lockdown, and since then, we’ve been gathering data to see how our students were affected by the pandemic. The data below is from 209 students that have signed up since 6th of April 2020.

209 Students

104 Furloughed

39 Lost their jobs due to Covid-19

24 Still at work

11 Long-term unemployed

31 Did not answer

What does this mean?

Looking at the data it’s easy to assume that the 39 people that lost their job due to Covid-19 is a small number, but it actually represents 18.6% of our students since we launched. This is a very high percentage and almost confirms the research previously carried out.

49% of our students were furloughed at the time of registration, this is a huge percentage but it’s to be expected due to the lockdown. The main question is how long will the government support the furlough scheme.

11% of students are still going to work and we assume they may be key workers or cannot work from home.

5% of our students stated they were unemployed before the pandemic.

14.8% of our students chose not to answer.

The information provided by our students shows how the pandemic has affected us. 18.6% of our students have lost their jobs due to this pandemic. This is a worrying figure since the government has been helping employers with various schemes to help their employees and reduce job loss. The main question here is what will this figure be when the government decides to stop these schemes?

A huge thank you to all of our students that helped us with this data.