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Starting a new career as a Mortgage Advisor is exciting and rewarding. The first step towards your new career is to gain your CEMAP Qualification. CEMAP stands for Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice, and this is required to become a qualified mortgage advisor in the UK. 

CEMAP is divided into three modules (CEMAP 1, CEMAP 2 and CEMAP 3) Each module has a test, and once you have passed the three individual tests, you will be a qualified mortgage advisor. Although the CEMAP tests can be given in any order, it is strongly advised that CEMAP 1 is completed first as this will lay the foundations for the remaining two modules.

Module 1 is considered the most difficult as it teaches the basics of the UK financial system, Financial Products, Planning and various Legal concepts. 

uAcademy provides courses for all modules which can be purchased separately or as a full course. We understand that choosing the right course provider is a big decision, and as there are several CEMAP Course providers online, it can be extremely confusing which course to go with. uAcademy was created by Mortgage Advisors to help students study by providing the most in-depth, up to date and interactive courses at an affordable price. We have set our course prices to be the lowest online to make our courses accessible to all. We use industry-leading software for our courses that can be used on various devices such as desktop, tablet and smartphones. 

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