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Unit 6 – Arrears & Repossession

CeMAP Qualification

CeMAP is the industry benchmark qualification for becoming an authorised mortgage adviser. The
CeMAP qualification has three modules which will provide you with an extensive knowledge of UK
regulated mortgage policies and practices.


CeMAP consists of seven compulsory units contained within three modules.
This section covers:

Unit 6 – Arrears & Repossessions.

The sixth unit will focus on the mortgage arrears and repossession of property. There are strict
guideline which lenders must comply with when dealing with customers in arrears or pre-arrears.


The course is available online and can be accessed on multiple devices such as laptop computers,
tablets and smartphone. Each lesson can be selected from the menu, to jump to the next section use
the arrows on the bottom of the page and please ensure you mark the section as complete to track
your progress.

Course Content

Topic 20 - Mortgage Repayment Methods
Topic 21 - Using Endowment Policies for Mortgage Repayment
Topic 22 - Other Repayment Vehicles for Interest-Only Mortgages
Topic 23 - Interest-Rate Options
Topic 24 - Other Mortgage Products
Topic 25 - Schemes for Specific Groups of Borrowers
Topic 26 - Raising Additional Funds From Property
Topic 27 - Transferring Mortgages
Topic 28 - Arrears and Debt Management
Topic 29 - Lenders' Legal Rights and Remedies
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