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CEMAP 1 – Mock Exams

Important Notice: Covid-19

The LIBF (awarding body) will not be updating the exam specification to the new 2020/21 regulations. The syllabus and exams are usually updated by June of each year, but due to the current COVID-19 situation, there are no plans currently to update it by the LIBF at this time. This means that ALL CeMAP Exams will be based on the 2019/20 specification and tax rules until further notice. We will update this page once we have an official date for the exams to be changed to the new specification.

Please be assured the practice mock exams at uAcademy ARE FULLY UP TO DATE and in line with the real CeMAP Exams.

CEMAP 1 Mock Exams Status – All 3 Mock Exams are fully up to date with the current official exam & inline with the current specification.

CEMAP 1 - Exam Instructions

Length of examination:                       2 hours


Instructions to candidates

  1. This question paper consists of 100 questions. Each question carries one mark.
  2. Answer all questions.

Information for candidates

  1. Basic silent desktop calculators with + – x / % and memory functions are allowed. Scientific, programmable or calculators with any additional functions are not allowed.
  2. Taxation tables will be provided. No other books, papers or aids may be used in this examination.

CeMAP 1 consits of two units. Each unit contains 50 questions and you must answer 35 questions correctly on both units to pass. This equates to a pass rate of 70% for each unit.

Note: Taxation rates for the year 2019/20 apply in this examination

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