Do People Like Wearing Face Masks?


A face mask covering is something which safely covers the mouth and nose. There are various types of face masks such as surgical, cloth and N95 masks. The level of protection offered varies depending on the type of face mask used. For example, an N95 mask will offer a higher level of protection compared to a cloth face mask. 

It’s important to note that face-coverings are largely intended to protect others, not the wearer, against the spread of infection. 

Face masks are now a common sight due to COVID-19, and they are mandatory in most public spaces. Although they are common, people have different views on them, and some people refuse to wear them all together. 

To better understand how people feel about facemasks, uAcademy conducted a study on the 2nd of January 2021, and the results can be found below.

The Study

We emailed 2000 students that are currently studying with uAcademy. We asked the students how they felt about wearing a facemask in everyday life. The students could choose 3 different answers which were:

1. Prefer to wear a facemask

2. Don’t mind wearing a facemask

3. Not happy wearing a facemask

The Results

From the 2000 students, we emailed we received feedback from 563 (28.15%). The results are as follows:

Do People Like Wearing Face Masks? |

298 (52.93%)

Prefer to wear a Facemask

Do People Like Wearing Face Masks? |

171 (30.37%)

Don’t Mind wearing a Facemask

Do People Like Wearing Face Masks? |

94 (16.69%)

Not Happy to wear a Facemask


The results show that over 50% of the people that participated in the study prefer to wear a facemask, and 30% don’t mind wearing one. We can say that over 80% don’t mind wearing a facemask. A small percentage (16.69%) of people are not happy about wearing a facemask.

The study’s overall results are positive, although there are people who don’t like wearing a face mask. This could be down to many reasons, but it’s unclear from the current study.